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Okay, so this picture needs some explaining. The theme this week was CSI, and by connection, death.

The back story; the young lady in this picture (one of my dearest friends) lost the love of her life a while back. She didn’t take it very well and it landed her in a very abusive relationship. One night she just couldn’t take it anymore. While reminiscing about the past she decided to end it all.

Now originally I was going to have her realize that she was pregnant (I’m not sure who the father was going to be – either one works) and she didn’t want to bring the baby into the world she was now suffering in. I had a hard time getting my hands on a test in time for the shoot so the thought was dropped.

The coloring and the grainy quality give it such a creepy feel.

P.s. I don’t think the guy at the photo counter knew what to think. I had to print it out 20×30 for class so this thing was massive. I would have loved to know the thoughts that were running through his mind.


A small look

So it has been a while, and I am truly sorry for that. I got so excited about spring break, then actually got to be on spring break, and then had to come back… Lets just say I got side tracked.

This post theme is abstractions. I loved how these ones turned out. Slightly aged and slightly creepy.

Heads up, I might not have more for a few weeks. It depends on how well I get my concept mapped out.