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Cut & Torn: Bmin/E

This is the end product of 42 hours of work. It started out as a simple cut and torn illustration project and it morphed into a huge part of my life. There was a least one night where no sleep was had. For a while there I thought I might go insane. I started dreaming about cutting out pieces and cluing them on.

The original is 2 feet by 1 foot. and all the little pieces are made from cut outs of paint samples picked up at Lowe’s. Some how I managed to get out of the store with my purse full of paint samples. I still have a good handful that are unused. Also three clue sticks sadly gave their life for this piece along with one who sustained major injury. I’m not sure it will ever be able to be used in the traditional way ever again.

Here is a few pics that I took of the process. It is interesting to see the way it developed from stage to stage. They were taken with my phone so they aren’t the best quality.

The whole reason for this project was to create an album cover, and I just happened to find an actual contest that coincided with the project. ALL CAPS, an Internet/YouTube band, needed a cover and I decided I would enter the contest. The end results are below.


Ode Expanded

Several post ago I showed everyone a typography piece that I spent a good chunk of time on. Many of you wished for a slightly bigger version and I’m here now to give it to you. Now you can actually read the words.

Also I sent off a print version to David Tennant as well. I don’t know if it made it in one piece but I tried to package it so it would. I did also have a run in with my exacto knife. It wasn’t pretty. Waited too long to go in and get stitches so it had to heal without any aid. I now have a lovely scar.