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AYIP – Day Thirty

Here is the meeting of Lady Alethia Bast and Theodore James Kent. I think it went well… no one got hurt.


AYIP – Day Twenty Nine

Alethia waring her fancy Halloween coller.

AYIP – Day Twenty Eight

Was at the Humane Society today and only had one puppy to take pictures of. I ended up playing with her more then taking pictures. This was an accident but fun.

AYIP – Day Twenty Seven

AYIP – Day Twenty Six

This is Buddy. He is the sweetest little one-year-old you could ever meet. He loves to have his ears scratched and he is curious about everything. Plus his fur is amazingly soft. Interested? He is in kennel #275 at the Capital Humane Society.

AYIP – Day Twenty Five

So I’m using my iPhone again with this nifty (yes I said nifty) little app called Instagram. It was kinda fun to play with and here is the result of the first trial. What do you think?

AYIP – Day Twenty Four