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AYIP – Day Twenty Three

I went to the humane society again today, but once again there was no new puppies to snap a few shots of. Critters and cats, sure, but unfortunately I don’t react well with them so instead I ended up taking some shots of my car in the park. I think they turned out well.


AYIP – Day Twenty Two

I just wanted you all to meet my new sometimes-photo-taking-companion. I’ve done several past AYIP Photos with her. So now you know.

AYIP – Day Twenty One


AYIP – Day Twenty

Now normally I am not a fan of sepia-que photos. Post are was to sepia for my liking but this one turned out nice. the fact you can still see some of the green from the grass is wonderful. Plus I love the texture of the tree. This was actually a test shot done before I had to do some human shots for the Capital Humane society. I think the shoot went well for my first time doing humanes… Leslie posed them because I had no idea what I was doing. Thanks Leslie!

AYIP – Day Ninteen

I played with some setting in Lightroom today. Not sure I’m 100% okay with it but it has grown on me. This is Pepper. She is a sweetie. Check her out at kennel #206 at the Capital Humane Society.

AYIP – Day Eighteen


For the people I know and the people we’ve lost. It is hard to lose a friend.

AYIP – Day Seventeen