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AYIP – Day Sixteen

This is Mia. She is a shy tempered sweetheart. She is in kennel #281 at the Capital Humane Society.


AYIP – Day fifteen


So this is my first post done completely on my iPhone. The picture was take and edited on the phone and thrown out to the world. Don’t you love technology.

AYIP – Day Fourteen

AYIP – Day Thirteen

Now I wouldn’t be a proper fan girl with out my own R2-D2. He sits at my desk and helps me work all day. Sadly he is only about two inches tall. It is my wish to someday have a real sized version…. just because I can.

AYIP – Day Twelve

Got to take the dogs out today. They are under extreme Parvo quarantine right now so the clean up after each shoot is a bit of a pain, but worth it. This is Sadie. She love everyone. Love to move to so the shots were a little crazy (as you can tell). She is in kennel #15 at the Capital Humane Society.

AYIP – Day Eleven

How do I explain this one. Truthfully I can’t. My brain is too tired. The angle is just awful but the colors a brilliant.

AYIP – Day Ten

So today’s picture is neither good nor thought out. I just needed to show you what seems to happen to all my stress toys. Poor little pink guy has seen his last squeeze!