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AYIP – Day Sixty Eight

It is almost Christmas and the dogs are getting ready. The place is all decked out and so are the puppies. This guy is just waiting for you to show up and meet him at kennel #203 in the Capital Humane Society. Boy can he rock that scarf.


AYIP – Day Sixty Five

Say hi to Henrietta. She is a shy little puppy but loves to be petted onces she warms up to you. She is timed around everything and loud nosies tend to send her into a corner. However she is full of love and would love to sit in your lap. To meet her check out kennel #214 at the Capital Humane Society.

AYIP – Day Sixty Three

This is my boy Lucky. He loves to hang out and try what all the cool kids are doing these days. Plus you should see his vertical jump. It is awesome. If you want to hang with him, he is in kennel #292 at the Capital Humane Society.

AYIP – Day Sixty One

I know it has been a while since I’ve had a picture for you but I’m back. The Thanksgiving Holiday ran into my picture taking time so I was unable to get into the Humane society to take some of the newer dogs. Plus we were also taking pictures of Santa an pets the past couple weekends. This little guy was a sweet heart to play with but he is also currently in the process of being adopted. If that changes I’ll let you know. Hope Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you.