First of all, let me explain my mission. It is simple, sweet, and very much to the point. My goal is to provide information that will spark some kind of inspiration off in others. This is a sounding board for ideas and thoughts that I believe have some importance (entertainment-wise or any other way).

My hope is to open eyes to a different world, one that has always been there, but has been ignored. It will seem like a miss-match of thoughts and ideas, but they all have one thing in common: me.

With that not-so-short explanation of what I’m doing here and part of the why, I will simply state that this is also a project assigned to be by higher forces. When dealing with higher forces it is always wise not to argue with what they think should be done. It is a philosophy that I live by, hence why I am here.

I truly hope you enjoy.

May the spark of inspiration catch hold of you – yet not consume you whole.

April Sarah

    • Ben
    • March 31st, 2008

    Your website is pretty kick ace I must say. I like it alot. I especially like the little robot thingy, I want one…..really really bad. Back to the subject, I really like the website, good job!

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