A small look

So it has been a while, and I am truly sorry for that. I got so excited about spring break, then actually got to be on spring break, and then had to come back… Lets just say I got side tracked.

This post theme is abstractions. I loved how these ones turned out. Slightly aged and slightly creepy.

Heads up, I might not have more for a few weeks. It depends on how well I get my concept mapped out.



I know I’m a little late this week, but It has been crazy. MacBeth opens in less then a week (this Wednesday actually) and I don’t know if I’m ready for it just yet. Don’t really have a choice though. 🙂

So this week was all about close personal relationships. I shot two of my friends how are enough like sisters (they get that comment often). I also call it the “My Imaginary Friend” series because the one makes the claim that she make up the other as an imaginary friend and everyone else is just using her as well. She isn’t real. Don’t you just love friends.

High fashion

Yes, yet another set of images. The idea here was fashion, and product. While I love these images on the screen, I’m still struggling to get them to appear correctly in the real world.

Working Class

Another Creative Photography project. This time we had to do industrial. I love the train shot. The clouds are wonderful. The colored on seems so deep, and I love the detail in the black and white building.

Once again. Let me know what you think.

Food As Art

Some of my creations for creative photography. Let me know what you think.

Dave Nitsche: Photographer

I love Dave Nitsche‘s concept work. His favorites of mine are the work he does in the studio with liquid and glass. All of his images say something.

He is one of the artists that I always look for new pieces from. If I had money I would even be willing to buy some of his pieces, frame them and then hang them for all the world to see. Sadly I’m an almost broke college student. Life doesn’t seem fair that way.

It was an interesting way I first found some of Mr. Nitsche‘s work. A friend of mine had to do a report on a photographer and I was trying to find some works on line that she would like. Then when we found one we were to go hunting after information on said artist. I, quite by accident, fell onto Dave Nitsche‘s work. Ever since then I’ve been periodically going back and admiring it, not only for how wonderful all his pieces looks, but for the messages that they convey as well.

It was recently I came across his work on Deviant Art. Now, I’m constantly getting updates on to what going on in his world from his Deviant page. (Nitsche’s Deviant Page)

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