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Ode Expanded

Several post ago I showed everyone a typography piece that I spent a good chunk of time on. Many of you wished for a slightly bigger version and I’m here now to give it to you. Now you can actually read the words.

Also I sent off a print version to David Tennant as well. I don’t know if it made it in one piece but I tried to package it so it would. I did also have a run in with my exacto knife. It wasn’t pretty. Waited too long to go in and get stitches so it had to heal without any aid. I now have a lovely scar.


Typography can make or break you: Ode to David Tennant

Where do I even begin to explain the reason behind this massive undertaking? Before you, you can see the final product of a 22 hour project that I’ve done in the past two days. It looks gorgeous does it not.

The printed version is much more dynamic than the screen copy. The blacks are so much richer and it is 11″ by 15″ instead of 300px by 500px (or something close to that). The fonts are Gill Sans Light, Gill Sans MT Regular, Gill Sans Bold, and Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed. I figured it was appropriate since the font is British. (I’m a little lacking in the sleep at the moment so please forgive any lame comments). The type itself is five point and contents quotes by David Tennant himself.

This whole process was an experience. The image you see before you only took 11 hours (nearly straight, breaks only for necessities) but I had a version before that I had to scrap. I thought I was going to go crazy there for a bit. So many words and too much variations in the image. I think this was the first and only time I ever wished that David was bald. (I don’t think that now, however.)

I wanted to see what you guys thought of the piece. The next step from here would be sending a printed version to the man himself, simply to thank him for the work he does. It will be a Christmas present.

Dave Nitsche: Photographer

I love Dave Nitsche‘s concept work. His favorites of mine are the work he does in the studio with liquid and glass. All of his images say something.

He is one of the artists that I always look for new pieces from. If I had money I would even be willing to buy some of his pieces, frame them and then hang them for all the world to see. Sadly I’m an almost broke college student. Life doesn’t seem fair that way.

It was an interesting way I first found some of Mr. Nitsche‘s work. A friend of mine had to do a report on a photographer and I was trying to find some works on line that she would like. Then when we found one we were to go hunting after information on said artist. I, quite by accident, fell onto Dave Nitsche‘s work. Ever since then I’ve been periodically going back and admiring it, not only for how wonderful all his pieces looks, but for the messages that they convey as well.

It was recently I came across his work on Deviant Art. Now, I’m constantly getting updates on to what going on in his world from his Deviant page. (Nitsche’s Deviant Page)

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